Iwanuma City x South Africa Support Festival

Award ceremony for poster competition will be held on February 13.

Tourist attractions and the main agricultural produce of South Africa will be on display. Panel exhibition ofTeam South Africa for Olympics and Paralympics will be available. South African dance will be performed onstage. Mr. Daisuke Ohata will give a lecture titled “Olympic and Rugby” online. The finale of the event is an award giving ceremony for Support South Africa Poster Competition online.

Japan South Africa Award giving ceremony for poster competition to support the Olympic athletes


Crawford International Pretoria

Children in Iwanuma city drew posters to support South Africa. Children in South Africa drew posters to support Japan. Award giving ceremony will take place online. The venue in Iwanuma-City and the venue in South Africa will be connected and the ceremony will be organized on online.



Award giving ceremony will be uploaded online live on the official website.


Arigato Host Town for Supporting Reconstruction The official website will be available


You can see the special video to support South African athletes on the official website.

South Africa has mobilized a rescue team sooner than anybody to rescue and reconstruct Iwanuma City after the Earthquake. They also sent us a soccer ball with messages and performed djembes at evacuation centers and elementary schools to cheer us up. Let’s unite together and support South African Olympics and Paralympics athletes during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.